83 Convention

Congratulations to Graham Nabbs for organising the BSKA annual convention. It was a roaring success. The standard of the embu demonstrations was exceptionally high, and many of the embus showed great originality. Jee and Graham have perfected a well polished demo that looks as sharp as the bowie knife they use. The crowd gasped as Graham pull out his nasty looking weapon! But they weren't the only pair to use weapons. Toshio and Hiro put on a dynamic duel using the bo and nyoi. Many a broom handle must have suffered in Hiro's hands, in preparation for their embu. Russell, Peter and Robert's embu was also highly realistic, well-planned and dynamic. The centre of action shifted regularly between the three men, leaving the spectators guessing as to who was going to attack who next.

In fact all the pair embu demonstrations were full of skilfully executed techniques, made credible by the obviously forceful attacks. There was also a number of good group kata embus, which for my money was made all the more enjoyable by the Bournemouth Area entry, precision timing playing an important part. The way they staged the running out to the court and mae ukemi was really impressive, and worthy of first place. Congratulations to all those who participated. I hope that your enthusiasm will stay at the same level. Next year we want our 10th Anniversary Convention to be the best yet.

Martial Aid

This article first appeared in the Autumn 1983 edition of Gassho, edited by Richard Jarman.

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