BSKF 2012 University Training Seminar Report

This year the BSKF University Training Seminar was held on a crisp February weekend at Chiswick Sports Hall in London. With almost 100 kenshi attending, the training was lead by the BSKF Chief Instructor Sensei Mizuno and the BSKF senior instructor group. The training started each morning with a few minutes chinkon gyo (zazen meditation) followed by taiso and kihon, and then sessions providing in-depth technical study on various subjects.

Saturday morning featured sessions on gentai randori and tanen practice, with the yudansha also getting a session on shakujo techniques and forms, and concluded with howa from Mizuno sensei. After an excellent lunch the afternoon training comprised technical sessions by grade, with all attendees able to explore the new techniques on their syllabuses and practise and refine old favourites on new partners. The last part of the day was gratefully dedicated towards seiho, with Sensei Richard demonstrating a collection of techniques for relieving facial stress, soothing strained hands and wrists, and correcting over-worked backs.

On Saturday evening kenshi migrated to the nearby famous Black Lion pub to exchange war stories from the days training, compare bruises and enjoy a hog roast washed down with choice ales from the local Fullers brewery. Old friends were caught up with, new friends made and much merriment had - proof that memories of Sunday morning warm-ups fade fast...

Sunday morning saw an in-depth session on embu practice, before kenshi were again divided into groups for technical training and wrists and knees reminded that the previous evening's alcohol had long since worn off. After lunch, Sensei Mizuno gave an insightful howa about the Olympics and how the ideals of the Olympic movement are little different to the ideals of Shorinji Kempo, before a final round of technical training covering all the techniques on the syllabus that had hitherto evaded the senior instructors' attentions, and all the remaining joints and vital points on the body that had escaped martial examination.

As ever, the UTS ended too soon and we closed the Sunday afternoon with thanks to the instructors who gave their time to teach and the organisers whose hard work behind the scenes brought about an extremely enjoyable and memorable seminar. Domo arigato gozaimashita!

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