BSKF Summer Camp 2012 Report

Summer camp took place this year in central London, and started on a bright and sunny Saturday morning with BSKF kenshi from around the UK and beyond gathering in the training hall for chinkon gyo and taiso. Following kihon, the morning was spent on syllabus training by grades. After a good lunch and howa session by Mizuno sensei, the afternoon was split into three sessions - kihon and jinkei, tan-en (for kyu grades) and shakujo (for dan grades), and a final session to finish the afternoon on embu training. Saturday finished with food and drinks in one of the fine local pubs, ensuring satisfaction for all!

Sunday kicked off with chinkon gyo and taiso, followed by a kihon session where Mizuno sensei ran through all the tanen forms in fine detail. Kenshi then split into grades for syllabus training until lunch. Richard sensei gave howa after lunch, reflecting on the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and how this can have other positive effects through the principles of interrelation and causality. To demonstrate these ideas, many of the good examples seen in the London olympics and paralympics were discussed. After howa kenshi split into grades again for further syllabus training.

The two final sessions of the afternoon were on randori and seiho/kappo. Mizuno sensei detailed several different approaches to randori, encouraging the kyu grades to try a tai no sen approach, whilst the yudansha attempted go no sen tactics. The last session of the afternoon had Richard sensei teaching seiho for kyu grades and Mizuno sensei teaching some extremely painful kappo techniques to the yudansha. Training finished with a short closing ceremony thanking the instructors, organisers and attendees.

Many thanks to all the instructors, organisers and kenshi who attended to make an extremely enjoyable and successful summer camp. Domo arigato gozaimashita!

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