Report on 2012 Cyprus Leader Seminar

Towards the end of 2012 the BSKF held the 3rd annual BSKF Leader's Seminar in Cyprus, to give yudansha an opportunity to attend a week of intense technical training. The following are reports from several kenshi who attending this seminar.

Report by Shafaq Sikander

The 2012 Cyprus Seminar was a unique and rewarding training experience. The mixture of kempo, sun and beautiful surroundings was wonderful to be part of!

We were encouraged to think about our training on a different level and to re-examine our understanding of the principles of techniques. Each day was structured to allow us to focus on specific topics and apply the knowledge in execution of different techniques. We also practiced shakujo intensely, which was ideal as a novice to be able to handle the shakujo and learn how to adapt your form to it.

Training outdoors in the sun is also great! We’re lucky we have this opportunity every year and I’m happy I got the chance to attend this time.

Report by Ben Perkins

At the start of October, I attended the annual Leader's Seminar in Cyprus. It was a full week of intensive training that focused on advanced principles for goho and juho. As always, it was immense fun, with equal parts technical training and time spent enjoying ourselves swimming, eating, drinking and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

This was my third attendance, and the third seminar since the original with Mori Sensei 18 years ago. My lasting impression of the first year was getting forehead cramp from sustained furrowed brows, as I attempted to understand Sensei's profound advice. Well, that and several impressive bruises and enjoying plentiful Keo beer and meze, of course. Something must have actually gone in last year however, as this time around involved slightly less head-scratching and confusion, and a few more moments of clarity. I was lucky enough to experience one or two moments of mini enlightenment as I realised the application of an advanced principle to my technique.

Highlights of the trip for me definitely have to be (in no particular order): training and swimming against wonderful beach sunsets at Petra Tou Romiou; equally scenic shakujo training in the Troodos Mountains; and the now traditional end-of-holiday trip to the Fish Tavern at Agios Georgios Alamanou.

I arrived back in the UK in the early hours of Monday feeling relaxed, tanned (ok, a bit burnt), exhausted and incredibly motivated about my training. I can't wait to test it all out back at my home branch of City in London.

It was fantastic catching up with our international friends, especially those from last year, and as always, great to spend time with my fellow kenshi and friends from the UK. My deepest thanks to Mizuno Sensei, Yasue Sensei and Teles for once again making it all possible. Bring on next year!

Report by Tomas Bystron

This year I had a chance to attend the Cyprus Leader’s Seminar for the second year running, and I have to say that it was an amazing time, one of best I have ever had. It is difficult to summarise the experience in only a few lines, but here are a few of the things that made a big impression on me.

The seminar was a whole week spent training with and enjoying the company of some of my best friends and people I value very much, in the interesting environment of Cyprus. The program of each day was perfect for training, with total mind and body relaxation and enough time to recharge the batteries before the next session. Every morning consisted of an enjoyable 3 hour training session, followed by lunch next to the pool with good food and drinks, and then feeling refreshed onto an afternoon shakujo session on the beach or similar scenic spot. Each evening was spent relaxing in local restaurants or bars, enjoying the warm evenings and good food with fellow kenshi. All this for a whole week with perfect weather.

Training-wise, it was heaven. Six hours of official training and as much as one wants of unofficial practice at the beach, pool, elevator, room.. Having had techniques explained that were far beyond my ability, but that I can at least logically grasp makes the whole journey much more interesting and inspiring. Wow, that is the trick.. It always makes me wonder how such simple things can be so difficult and such difficult things so simple.

All together, the atmosphere during the whole week was such that I could enjoy everything perfectly as if a child again. And guess what? Over there, they have insanely tasty octopus, cuttlefish and stuff like that which I can only dream of at home… and Keo beer is not bad as well!

As I said before, this was the second time I have joined this seminar, and each time we had a great time. Unfortunately I missed my chance to attend two years ago, but I won’t make such a mistake again!

Kesshu from Prague

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