Cyprus Leaders Seminar 2013

by Kat Thomson, Glasgow University branch

BSKF Cyprus Leaders Seminar 2013

In October 2013, the BSKF held the fourth Cyprus Seminar. On the Saturday night participants congregated within airports and despite the long journey, excitement buzzed with everyone eager to train and catch up with old friends. Even the realisation that we would struggle to fit luggage, equipment and people into the tiny hire cars did not dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

Taking a break from training

The week's training consisted of many new topics and made me reconsider my approaches to what I thought were well known techniques of mine. It has proved once again that you can never stop learning and that you can always improve and get better. I was inexperienced with the 'bo' staff but now feel as though I can take a bit of what I have learnt back to Glasgow.

At the amphitheatre

We trained on beaches, woodlands and within the awe inspiring amphitheatre at the Kourion ruins. With such exceptional back drops there were more than a few opportunities for photographs. Food was eaten in tasty little seafood restaurants or local restaurants tucked away in the Old Town.

Lunch and training In the mountain

After the seminar ended and we all prepared to return to different corners of the globe, I felt a bit sad to be leaving (and that’s not because I have to go back to Glasgow by the way!). The seminar bore new friendships and strengthened networks within the Shorinji kempo community and although glum to go my separate way, I know we will all train together very soon.

Bo staff training over sunset on the beach

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