The 8th British Shorinji Kempo Federation University Seminar

The University College London Shorinji Kempo Society, to give it the full title, had grown out of the long standing School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) branch. It was properly established in 1996, when I was studying there. Robert Villiers was the branch master. Initially Tony Leith and I helped with the class, but soon enough George Hyde got involved too.

This was not the first UTS to be held in London, but it was the first in London to feature the full format of two days training, homestays and a social event on the Saturday. You can read the event programme, and have an insight into the organisation with the organiser's timetable.

As always, we were keen to keep costs down for students. Unlike some of the other university branches, though, we never had access to a free venue for training. We used the Somer's Town Sports centre, and the adjacent South Camden Community School. The UCL students also made the sandwiches for lunch by hand. We had a formal meal in the wonderful UCL dining room in the South Cloisters. And we put it all on for £25.

The 1998 UTS was a great success, and not only for the UCL Shorinji Kempo Society. We were among the first groups to use the new Somers Town facilities, and we attracted some publicity for the University. I was awarded UCL Union Social Colours in 1998. It was a proud moment, but in no small part was due to the dedicated effort of the members of the fledgling UCL dojo to make such a good UTS.

Social Colours

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