Second British Shorinji Kempo Convention

The second British Shorinji Kempo Convention was held in 1976. There were two articles in the martial arts press in the United Kingdom at the time. The magazine Combat ran an article entitled "Shorinji Kempo - the expanding art " in its February 1977 edition. In the same month, Budo carried "Nihon Shorinji Kempo: Second British Convention" by Mike Finn, who was also a Shorinji Kempo student.

Between the two articles, the event is said to have happened either in Bournemouth or Poole. It was likely to have been at the Littledown Centre.

The day was opened with a speech by Mizuno sensei, then fourth dan, but already the chief instructor in the UK. There was an opening ceremony with hono embu (demonstration embu), by two Japanese first dans. Following the opening ceremony was group embu competition, followed by a randori competition. The randori final was between Peter Moore and Shahin Hastroud, both of the Bournemouth dojo.

After the competition, there were further demonstrations. Tetsujumi Karibe demonstrated advanced embu with Toshi Yoshida, the instructor at the Bournemouth dojo. A demonstration of women's self-defence techniques was given by Caren Chu, assisted by Peter Jeavons, who went on to become the secretary of the new British Shorinji Kempo Association (BSKA) in the next few months. Yoshida sensei also sang the Shorinji kempo song.

There are two questions that arise from these two articles about the 1976 Convention. First, when and where was the first British Shorinji Kempo Convention held. Presumably there was one in 1975. Second, the Combat article opens with the line "When Combat last looked at Shorinji Kempo, back in October 1975, very little was known about the art in this country". Does anyone have the October 1975 issue of Combat? It would be fascinating to see what would probably be the oldest article in the UK press on Shorinji kempo.

The winners were as follows. Randori: 1st place, Peter Moore; 2nd place, Shahin Hastroud. Children's embu: Stephen Butterfield and Finn Chu. Adult embu: Akiko Ino and Maxine Wiltshire.

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